The minimum price and Fairtrade premium enables 
   the farmers to obtain financial independence.
   The Fairtrade premium enables the training of farmers
   and the funding of school projects for children.
   We encourage long-lasting sustainable economic
   growth, by guaranteeing our farmers and pickers
   a regular income.
   Through Fairtrade, inequalities between small family
   farmers and multi-nationals are reduced.
   We use the Fairtrade premium to systematically 
   reduce the use of pesticides and promote sus-
   tainable cultivation instead (organic).
   In 2019, Fruitag has planted 1 million trees. 
   We are currently working at the implementation 
   of further tree schools.
   Fruitag provides advice and supports cooperations
    in Central- and Latin America as well as in the Far East.


Worldwide cooperation projects with producers, suppliers, logistics companies, certified partners etc.


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